1998 News


Introducing the New SPL-DS Data Selector

DCB introduces the new SPL-DS data selector. This product allows individual devices to receive data from a multi-drop or broadcast RS-232 network. The devices receiving data need not separate out data arriving in the combined data stream because the data selector passes only data containing it's unique address and port number. A simple protocol is used, so a PC or workstation can be easily programmed to broadcast data to multiple devices with minimum programming. The new data selector has a full compliment of troubleshooting tools to help you maintain your network; including monitor network, monitor port, capture port, drop activity, and network activity commands. Broadcast mode is also supported to allow returning all remote devices to a known state. The SPL-DS is available in units with two to fourteen ports, and run at network speeds up to 38.4 Kbps. The SPL-DS was designed for SCADA and other automated systems as well as operator initiated interaction with remote systems.. Contact our sales department for more information.

DCB Now a Barnes and Noble Bookstore Affiliate

DCB joins leaders in other industries by becoming an affiliate web site of the BarnesandNoble.com Internet book store. With direct links from the education section of the DCB web site, a single click searches the appropriate categories at the Barnes and Noble on-line bookstore for reference books. Click here to try out the BarnesandNoble.com Search Page

DCB Introduces HDLC-Sync to Async Converter

DCB Introduces the industry's first HDLC-Sync to Async converter. The new HSAA-01 converts HDLC synchronous data streams coming from DTE equipment to asynchronous for transmission over satellite, wireless, statistical multiplexer and other asynchronous links. The unit has synchronous port speed up to 128 Kbps and asychronous speeds of up to 115.2 Kbps. There are many sync-to-async converters on the market that allow asynchronous traffic to be passed over synchronous links; but, this is the only one that operates with a synchronous DTE device and passes the traffic over an asynchronous link. Check out the data sheet.


DCB Multiplexer Used in Ozone Research Balloon
To Enable Real-Time and Delayed Data Analysis

9/23/98 Now, you can read the article in Contingency Planning & Management - Current News
In the world news this month was the run-away research balloon launched August 24 near Saskatoon, Canada to study the atmosphere and the ozone layer. Unfortunately, the balloon did not come down as planned and began a 5600 mile trip from Canada, over the north Atlantic, and finally landed on a Finnish Island.

DCB had a successful role in this balloon mis-adventure, a role that insured scientific success, whether the balloon was eventually recovered or not. The critical data collected in the balloon experiment was transmitted to the ground station via radio using DCB multiplexers. Learn the details of DCB's involvement in this scientific mission by reading this application note.


multiplexer, DSU
Visit us at the 43rd Educational Congress
of the
National Association of Service Managers
October 1-3 in San Diego, CA.

We wil be spotlighting the Access Switch and Etherpath products with emphasis on how these products can help you troubleshoot and manage remote equipment. You can also check out our new Remote Access Power Switch remote AC power controller. Stop by, visit, and pick up a "Solutions Guide". We're at booth #6.


New Application Note
Wireless Connections... The Reality

This tutorial lays to rest a few common myths about wireless links and illustrates the most important points you should consider when beginning a wireless project. Whether you are considering a short hop across the street, or miles between the locations, you should read this. Remember, wireless isn't new to DCB!
Read the application note or look at our index of tutorials and application notes.


New SR-DC Data Concentrator Application Note
Example Applications using the SR-DC's unique features

This applications note illustrates the use of DCB's SR-DC data concentrator multiplexer in applications that take advantage of its unique features. The data concentrator operates as a statistical multiplexer over one-way links, half-duplex links, and multi-drop links. It is ideal for one-way telemetry, two way data transfer through slow satellite links, and one-way broadcast through multi-drop dds, radio or satellite links. The SR-DC can even be used with a customer provided workstation or PC doing the data decoding and de-multiplexing for a "single-ended" configuration. Read the application note or look at our index of tutorials and application notes.


DCB Introduces SR-04W Wireless Statistical Multiplexer

DCB Introduces its first wireless statistical multiplexer. The new SR-04W wireless statistical multiplexer is ideal for asychronous multiplexing in locations where wiring is expensive or inconvenient. This unit may be called a "multi-port wireless modem". Operating in the 900 Mhz license free ISM band using frequency hopping spread spectrum, the new units are built on the solid SR multiplexer family. This new multiplexer allows up to four asynchronous terminal ports to communicate over the same 115.2 Kbps wireless link. Using the built-in antenna, it's ideal for in-building links up to 1000 feet, or with optional antennae for outdoor links of up to 15 miles. Check out the data sheet.


Industrial (DC Input) Power Supplies Available
For Most DCB Products

DCB often provides special purpose power supplies for its equipment. These include power supplies that operate from the -48Vdc station battery in telephone company central offices, foreign country voltages, and solar power installations. Until now, these were available only upon special order. DCB now announces the general availability of the DC input power supplies as standard stock items. Models are available with inputs of 12 Vdc, 24 Vdc, and 48 Vdc. Ground polarity is either positive or negative. The units support all DCB products that are powered using the DIN plug input including eight port and larger access switches and multiplexers and the LL series modems. Read the data sheet.


New Wireless Voice/Data Multiplexer Application Note
Two voice and two data channels over License-free ISM band radios

This applications note illustrates the set up for Utilicom license-free 900 mhz or 2400 mhz ISM band radio-modems and our model 2200 voice/data multiplexer. This configuration allows two telephone channels and two data channels to be used over a single radio link. These links are sometimes suitable for line-of-sight distances of 20 miles or more, and are commonly used over five to ten mile paths. By using a radio link, the monthly telephone bill is eliminated. Read the application note or look at our index of tutorials and application notes.


DCB's new V.23 TADILB Modem Is Now Shipping!

DCB is now shipping the new Link1 TADILB modem. This V.23 1200 bps modem is available in a PC ISA card or stand-alone version. There is a new 14 slot chassis for the ISA format card, as well as a 3 unit rack mount for the stand-alone unit. This new unit replaces older hard to find V.23 modems in international applications that require leased line v.23 operation, such as NATO, and other military applications. The data sheet is on-line.


New Loop T1 DSU Available
Loop TA-2500 Fractional T1 DSU is now shipping!

DCB is now stocking and shipping the new Loop International TA-2500 Fractional T! DSU. This is the new price leader in the market with a retail price of $895. This new DSU/CSU has all the most wanted features such as Extended Super Frame capability, both front panel LCD and terminal ports configuration, and RS-530 interface. Opational SNMP is also available. Check it out by reading the datasheet.


New SR-DC Data Concentrator
Multiplexer with Simplex Capability

The new DCB SR-DC Data Concentrator combines multiplexing with one-way communications lines to provide data concentration of from 8 to 32 ports over a single data line running speed up to 128Kbps synchronous and asynchronous composites. The system works with concentrators on both ends of the system, or single-ended with PC software de-multiplexing the composite at one end.

This is ideal for satellite links where round-trip time is too slow for conventional multiplexers to work effectively and is also useful for data broadcasting, one-way multiplexing using a multi-drop or radio system to feed multiple receiving units from a single source unit.


On-Line Demonstration of the DCB EtherPath and Access Switch
Managing Network Equipment

This is an actual on-line connection to real DCB equipment. By using our EtherPath ethernet to RS-232 server connected to an Access Switch, you can telnet to the Access Switch, select management ports on various DCB products, control power switches, and even configure the equipment... right now through the Internet! This is a good way to evaluate the Etherpath, Access Switch, and Access Power Switch functionality, as well as check out the easy management and configuration functionality of our multiplexers. Go to the applications note to get the IP address and full instructions. There's even an easy-start button there.


Join us at Indianapolis, Indiana for ITEC 98

We will be at the 1998 Information Technology Exposition and Conference with our Solutions Center located at booth 114. This is a popular regional show that was sold out last year. Call DCB for your complimentry tickets. It's at the Indianapolis Convention Center & RCA Dome, May 7 and May 7, 1998.

DCB Demonstrates wireless LANs and WANs at the Spring Skyward User's Group Meeting.
Steven's Point, Wi.

Late last month, DCB demonstrated a two link wireless network connection at the 1998 Spring Skyward Software and Services User Group meeting in Steven's Point, WI. The simulated system included a building-to-building wireless link running at 2 Mbps and an inside LAN system running wireless LAN connections to laptop computers. The Skyward PaC school administration software was demonstrated, running on a wireless laptop that was fed through the wireless links from a remote NT server. Other simultaneous applications, such as web browsing, were shown on additional wireless workstations. Skyward is a leading provider of administrative software solutions for K-12 public and private schools. They have been serving customers since August of 1980. Skyward is a long term reseller partner of DCB.

See us at IWCE
22nd Annual Int'l Wireless Communications Expo
Las Vegas, Nevada April 22-24

We're at IWCE booth 352 showing our new PPP-SR, DV1D, frame relay products, and the Access Switch. You can also check out our new Remote Access Power Switch remote AC power controller. Stop by, visit, and pick up a "Solutions Guide".


High Availability Frame Relay Networking
with DCB Equipment

Merchant's Tire recently installed a high-availability wide area network using DCB asynchronous FRAD multiplexers and redundant frame relay switching. An additional dial-up backup was installed providing several layers of redundancy for maximum up time for point of sale equipment.

Merchant's Tire is a retail and wholesale tire distributor headquartered in Manassas, VA, servicing Virginia and the surrounding states. They run accounting and inventory applications on Sun servers, with dedicated frame relay links to their primary stores. These links are mission-critical and outages are not acceptable. The frame relay links use the DCB SR frame relay asynchronous frad multiplexers to connect the terminals and printers in each store to the host location.

See the pictures, learn the details by reading this applications note!

Check the "What's Really Old" page to see the news items from 1997. You may want to follow this link to research a subject or find background information on a product


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