WS-1 Wink Start Adapter for E&M Lines


  • External Wink Start function
  • DTMF wait selectable 2, 3, 4 or 5 seconds
  • Wink pulse selectable 200 or 500 ms
  • RJ45 pass through
  • E&M on RJ45 and separate screw connector
  • Straight-through B-Side E&M wiring, Type 5
  • Small, convenient size
Wink Start Adapter WS-1

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Configuration Switches
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The WS1 is a wink-start adapter for channel bank Type 5 E&M ports. The WS1 is used when wink start is not supported on either the channel bank E&M board or the attached user equipment, but wink-start is required by equipment remotely connected via T1 or E1.

With wink start call processing, the E-lead out of the channel bank Type 5 E&M port goes off hook, closing a contact to chassis ground. In response to this E-lead change, the WS1 closes the M-lead for a few hundred milliseconds, then goes open. The momentary closure is a “wink”. The M-lead stays open for several seconds, during which time DTMF digits are typically sent out the channel bank over the receive pair audio leads, RJ45 pins 3 and 6. After the DTMF wait time, the M-lead closes and stays closed until the far end releases the E-lead, signaling on hook, the end of a phone call.



1 x 2.2 x 3.35 inches
9 to 12 VDC
AC to 9 volt adapter supplied with unit
90 ma, less than 1 watt

Dip Switch Options

The WS1 contains an 8-position DIP switch to set the wink start pulse length and the DTMF wait period.
This switch is located inside the enclosure, accessed by opening the case.
Function S8 S7 S6 S5 S4 S4 S2 S1
DTMF Wait 2 sec C C C x x x x C
3 sec O C C x x x x C
4 sec C O C x x x x C
5 sec C C O x x x x C
Wink-Start 200 ms x x x C x x x C
500 ms x x x O x x x C
Normal x x x x x x x C
Factory Test x x x x x x x O

LED Indicators

There are 3 status LEDs on the right edge of the board. On power up, all 3 flash on momentarily. After power up only the Power LED is on prior to E&M activity.

(TOP) ON - E input grounded (Off-hook)
(MID) ON - M output grounded (Off-hook)
(Bot) ON - Power Indicator


Power E&M I/O Connectors: Power Connector
Pin 1 Pin 2Pin 3
Channel Bank
Chassis Ground
9 to 12 VDC
Power Supply Ground

E&M I/O Connectors:
Pin 1Pin 2
M- Out E- In

Primary E&M Connectors: The RJ-45 connectors pass-through all pins except the M-lead output on RJ45 pin 2. The pins are numbered left to right. See pin-out table below and on the front page.
Channel bank
(left side RJ45)
PinUser Equipment
(Right side RJ45)
M - Out 2M - No Connection
E - In 7E

NOTE: The channel bank E&M port must be set for TYPE 5. The WS1 is wired for a straight through cable between the WS1 and a channel bank E&M card wired as B-side.

The left side RJ45 connector is for the channel bank E&M card. The local equipment connects to the right hand RJ45 connector. There MUST be an external wire from the channel bank chassis ground to PIN 1 on the 3-pin Power connector.



Straight through RJ to RJ wiring requires B-Side Type 5 E&M cards. See the additional detail above.

This data sheet is the manual for this product. Click here to download a PDF copy of this data sheet.

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we prefer that you phone us and discuss your application prior to ordering.

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