Atop 8 and 16 Port Serial Servers

Eight Port Serial Server
8 Port Serial Server Picture
8 Port Server Front and Rear View
16 Port Serial Servier Picture
16 Port Server, Front and Rear View

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  • Standard 19-inch rack-mount 1U high metal housing
  • Each port may be independently configured
  • Software selectable RS-232/422/485 for each port
  • Dual 10/100Mbps Ethernet for network redundancy
  • Support for TCP Server/Client, UDP, and Virtual Com multi-link mode
  • Configuration via Serial Console, Telnet, Web Server, Front Panel, or included Windows-based program
  • Alarm relay output for Network link-status
  • LCD Display & menu driven panel configuration
  • ALERT function sends email to warn of anomolies


The Multi-port Industrial Serial Server SE5408/SE5416 is a gateway between Ethernet (TCP/IP) and serial communication port devices. By providing either 8 or 16 individual RS-232/422/485 ports, it is ideal for central allows almost any serial device to be connected to a new or existing Ethernet network.

By encapsulating serial data and transporting it in standard TCP/IP or UPD/IP packets, the SE5408/SE5416 provides full-duplex, bi-directional transparent data transmission through Ethernet networks. The included PC virtual COM: port redirection software allows PC serial ports to be located anywhere on the TCP/IP network.

Easy to Use

Flexible configuration options enable setup over Ethernet by Telnet, Web browser, Serial Console, or other Windows utilities. Packed in a rugged metal housing with 19-inch rack mount and 100-240VAC wide power input range, SE5408/SE5416 is ideal for most any industrial and manufacturing automation.

This is a high performance server. Port speeds from 110 bps to 921Kb, multi-connection protocols, and advanced features set the SE series above all competing multi-port serial servers.

The SE5408/5416 is easily paired with our single port SCADA serial servers at multiple remote locations, for a compact, rack-mounted host end installation.


  • Modes Supported:

    Nailed-Up Client/Server (transparent RS-232 connection upon power-up) in tunneling mode
    TCP server: Server allows up to 8 remote TCP connections or virtual Com mode
    TCP client: Client allows up to 2 remote TCP destinations or virtual Com mode
    UDP server (any port) Allows up to 8 ranges of IPs for UDP destinations
    UDP broadcasting (point-to-multipoint or multicast) to groups of receiving UDP server devices
    Includes vitual com driver to allow the SE to function as a remote COM: port on Windows or Linux computers.
    All SE models interoperate with other DCB and ATOP serial servers
    Transmission control via various methods, inactivity timeout, interval timeout, buffer limits, termination character
  • Configuration Methods

  • Any Web Browser
    Telnet Menu Interface Direct Connection Menu Interface
    Included Windows configuration utility
    Import and export saved configurations to a PC
    Using LCD and front panel buttons

  • SNMP agent functionality included
  • Field upgradeable firmware
  • Hardware watchdog timer
  • Transport protocol is fully routable
  • Works through any IP link... satellite, ISP, routers, wireless, broadband, etc.
  • Supported Protocols

  • Certifications

    RoHS, FCC, CE, and others

Front Panel

Serial Port Activity LEDs for Tx and Rx
Power, Ready LED
LAN Status LED
4 Menu Buttons
Console DE-8 RS-232 connector

Rear Panel

10/100BaseT LAN connecctors w/ 10/100 and Activity LEDs(2)
Alarm Relay (NC,Common, NO)
Recessed factory reset button
8 or 16 serial port RJ-45 connectors

Data Ports

Ports: 8 or 16 RS-232 ports
Interface: RS-232, V.24, or RS-422/485(4-wire/2-wire), software selectable
Speeds 110 bps to 921,000 bps
Connector: RJ-45 RS-232 (adapters to DE-9 and DB-25 cables available)
Protection: 15KV ESD
Flow Control: None, Xon/Xoff, RTS/CTS

Lan Connections

Interface: 2 10/100BaseT, Autodetect


436mm x 43.5mm x 200 mm (W x H x D) ( 1U rackmount), rackmount ears included
1 lb
Power input 100-260 VAC,
Power consumption less than 8.5 watts
Operating Temperature: 0 to +60 C

Application Drawings

SE5408 SE5416

SE5408 SE5416


Download the User's Manual by clicking here.

Download the Quick-Reference Guide by clicking here.

Application Notes

These applications notes illustrate real-world applications of the DCB and Atop serial servers and help you apply the unit to solve your data communication problem.
Port Redirection and the EtherPath
"Using the EtherPath with Unix and PC Port Redirection" is an article that discusses the options available when using port redirection software and custom-written software to access remote serial ports with the EtherPat or Atop serial device server. Read the article!
Embedded Server Technology to Connect RS232 Devices
"Globally Serial: Extending the Reach of your Serial Devices Around the World" is an article that recently apeared in information technology trade journals. This article discusses the use of DCB's device servers and how they are used to connect RS-232 serial devices using a wide area ethernet network. Read the article!
TCP vs UDP Serial Servers, Selecting the best product for your application
This applications note helps you select the one that best fits your needs. While the Atop SE5408/5416 can be configured for either TCP or UDP, you should use the protocol that best suits your needs. This white paper, while mentioning the DCB EtherPath and EtherPoll products is also relevant to the SE servers. It describes the advantages and disadvantages of both protocols. Read the article!

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