DCB and CXR Announce Partnership Agreement

CXR, a manufacturer of networking and communication equipment headquartered in Europe, and DCB have entered in a partnership agreement to promote and support CXR Ethernet networking and extension solutions in the USA and Canada.

CXR Ethernet solutions deliver value and innovative integration in Carrier, Defense, Transportation and Utility networks. Some CXR key products are 10 Gigabit ruggedized Carrier Ethernet switch with a pay as you grow price approach for easy transition from GE to 2.5GE and 10GE in mission critical networks; Fiber and Copper Ethernet extenders with 1 to 8 pairs devices, Daisy-Chain topologies and high integration interfaces to the Intelligent Transport System or Utility substation; and Pseudowire Emulation gateways with T1/E1 and voice circuit emulation over Ethernet and IP networks

This long term agreement allows CXR to better access the US and Canadian mission critical networking market with DCB offering full sales and support for their products while allowing DCB to expand our broad product portfolio with some of CXR’s key products such as:

CIP - multi-port Analog TDM over Ethernet series
MR-400 - long range T1 extender
CopperLan bis -long range Ethernet extender

DCB has been supplying innovative data communications equipment to businesses and governments nationwide since 1981. DCB provides high networking expertise for the most stringent requirements of financial companies, major telephone companies, many state and local governments, military branches, intelligent transport systems, railroads, airlines, and energy companies.

This agreement follows DCB's long-standing partnerships with Loop Telecom, ATOP Technologies, and other top tier manufacturers of products that compliment DCB's in-house manufacturing and extensive telecom and networking expertise.

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