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News From 2016 through 2019

12/16/2019 img
XT-3305 Replaces the UT-3302 and ET-3302 img

img The UT-3302 and ET-3302 encrypted tunnels were released in 2009 and replaced with the XT-3305 in 2019. While we maintain inventory to expand existing installations, we've depleted our inventory for new installations.

We recommend the higher performing XT-3305 as a replacement for new installations. The newer XT Family of encrypters offers increased throughput and is 100% compatible with all UT and ET products. Click here to read the details.

10/11/2019 img
Enhanced Priority
Audio Switch

img Recently, we've seen increased interest in our Priority Audio Switch. The Priority Audio Switch is used to permit multiple control points or microphones to access a single transmitter. This is common in airport control towers, remote transmitters, and forward operating bases with both a local control point and a remote one. DCB's PAS allows the PTT and audio from two sources to automically control one output device. There are two instances of this hardware in each unit, allowing cascade for three inputs or controlling two different transmitters. Click here to read the details.
7/29/2019 img
New 20 Mbps
XT-3305 Encryptor

img The XT-3305 20 Mbps encryptor is now available. It's compatible with all XT, UT, and ET encryption family devices. This new model has a much lower price and higher performance than the XT-3306 it replaces. Click here to read the details.
6/20/2019 img
New App Note
Synchronous Through Ethernet

img A new Applications Note is available,"A Solution for Motorola AstroTac and Quantar Installations: The EST-9600 and Ethernet Networks Replace Synchronous Modem Connections". This describes how the EST-9600 is used to replace legacy synchronous modem connections. Click here to read the details.
5/13/2019 img
New Critical Infrastructure
Managed LAN Switch

img Answering our customers' demand for a high quality managed ethernet switch suitable for critical infrastructure projects, we're introducing the MS-24-4GS-8C Switch. This new switch contains sixteen Gigabit ethernet ports, eight gigabit combo (SFP copppor or fiber), and four fiber SFP ports. Fanless, redundant power supplies, network redundancy, and many other features make this an easy lower cost choice for power, utility, transportation, law enforcement, and other mission critical installations. Click here to read the details.
4/19/2019 img
One-on-One training with Loop International img

img We periodically send members of the Loop Telecom's North American TAC support team (DCB personnel) to Taiwan for personal training on updated and new Loop International Products. In addition to enhancing personal relationships with Loop factory engineers and FAEs, this keeps us current on the latest product changes, new products, and future directions. For the Spring 2019 trip, the emphasis is on new packet transport products and TDM to packet transition... making it an evolution instead of a forklift change. In addition to building deeper friendships between the factory and the North American TAC suppot team, current product updates include the AM3440 series, IP6760, IP-6702, PTN 1G and 10G cards, G7860A, iNET PTN and iNMS.
1/22/2019 img
New Loop AM3440 Auxillary Product img

img A new wiring adapter for the recently relesed AM-3440 mini 4 port T1 card is now shipping. This allows simple RJ-45 wiring for the T1s instead of a bulky fanout cable. DCB develops add-in and accessory products for the Loop International AM-3440 and O-9500 products. These include the award-winning Map34 graphical mapping software, an internal ethernet switch card, a convenient HD-44 to RJ-45 cable replacement connector, an internal 3-port Rs-232 to fiber interface card, and a -48 Volt output 120VAC input power supply. If you use the Loop 3440 or O-9500 Integrated Access Devices, check these out. They save rack space, intallation complexity, and technician time. These inexpensive time-saving products ship from inventory for immediate delivery. Read more here.Click here to read the details.
12/26/2018 img
New App Note
Network Impairment Simulation

img PNE, the Ethernet / Packet Network Emulator Appliance, is our newly developed packet network emulator. It is an easy to use small bench top unit, a powerful simulation device, a tool to aid testing. This app note shows the way it's used to characterize how proposed equipment reacts to network impairment before throwing it into the real world. Click here to read the details.
11/28/2018 img
New Packet Ethernet Network Emulator img

img PNE, the Ethernet / Packet Network Emulator Appliance, is our newly developed packet network emulator. It is an easy to use small bench top unit, a powerful simulation device, a tool to aid testing. This tool allows you to simulate a real, imperfect network between equipment under test to determine how well it handles “real world” problems by inserting real-world packet handling imperfections. Click here to read the details.
11/02/2018 img
New Loop AM3440 Controllers img

img Loop Telecom International released two new controllers for the AM3440 family... the AM3440-CCB and the AM3440-CPA. These greatly enhance performance of the AM3440, already a price/performance leader in the TDM to Packet Switched Network transition marketplace. The new CCB controller features double the memory and four times the processor speed of it's predessor, the CCA controller. Click here to read a quick comparison between the old and the new.

DCB is the Authorized North American Warranty Station and Technical Assistance Center for Loop. As Loop's longest running business partner, our relationship with Loop goes all the way back to 1995.

10/08/2018 img
New ETTA Application Notes img

img Three new applications notes explaining how to use DCB's new Ethernet Transport Tester (ETTA) were recently released. Two of these detail how to use the ETTA when testing ethernet transport paths for ROIP/VOIP or Telex dispatch systems. The third one explains why using a PC for throughput testing can be quite misleading. Click here to see the ETTA, and download these free white papers.
9/14/2018 img
Storm Emergency? Emergency Stock Available img

img Our friends, customers, and others are in our thoughs as they swim their way through the latest weather. Many DCB products are in use by emergency responders and utilities in storm-damage areas. As we have in the past, DCB is ready to quickly provide replacement equipment for products damaged in the storms. Call us at 800-432-2638 or 217-897-6600 for quickest response. Or click here for a contact form. We respond to the contact form the same day, phones are usually answered in a few seconds.
6/7/2018 img
Enhanced Packet Repeater Released img

img Continuing the DCB tradition of improving products without raising the price, enhanced firmware for the Packet Repeater PR-6606 was released this week. This new firmware allows up to 400 destination addresses selected by up to 20 selection rules with 20 destinations each. When moving to the 6606 hardware platform, we were conservative with the specifications until we had sufficient real-world experience with its actual capabilities. All new orders ship with the new firmware, and existing PR-6606 customers can upgrade by downloading a copy from our web site support section. Click here to read the details.
5/11/2018 img
New Ethernet Bandwidth Transport Tester img

img ETTA, the Ethernet Traffic Test Appliance, is our newly developed ethernet traffic bandwidth tester. It is an easy to use hand held, test set that is economical enough to put in the hands of every technician, yet powerful enough to give accurate, reliable ethernet transport test results. Test ethernet links at wire speed, up to 80,000 pps, and verify transport performance with this low-cost tester. It will likely become the standard tester for certifying TDM performance requirements over pseudo-wire ethernet links. Click here to read the details.
2/12/2018 img
High Performance
Packet Repeater

img The new high-performance packet repeater, the PR-6606 has been released for sales. This version of our popular UDP packet repeater handles throughputs of up to 120,000 packets per second and is ideal for larger installations requiring packet replication and fan-out for Netflow, Sflow, streaming protocols, and SCADA UDP packets. Click here to read the details.
1/10/2018 img
Meltdown? Spectre?
No Worry!

img Customers are asking about these newly discovered CPU exploits and if they affect our products. We’re happy to advise that all products manufactured by Data Comm for Business are secure from the Meltdown and Spectre exploits. They simply don’t apply to our products and no updates are necessary. Click here to download a printed statement.
1/4/2018 img
Dangerous Radio
WAN Integration
Problem Solved!


img DCB's first PTT-24 installation has been in sevice over a year now improving safety and saving money. The PTT-24 Push-To-Talk Lockout Device monitors 24 incoming T1 lines for remote radio audio channels, protecting against possible loss of critical ground-to-air communications when there is a T1 problem.

When a T1 goes out of service, it's channels go busy. Since multiple ground sources coming in from different T1s vie for the same radios, the busied out T1 keys the radios, sometimes blocking all radio transmissions. The PTT-24 monitors incoming T1 lines. If one goes busy it is forced from a busy to a not-busy condition in 20 milliseconds, freeing up the radio system.

The PTT-24 went from initial specification to finished product in just one year, quite a feat for such a product. Check out the specs here for your critical distributed radio network installation.

12/9/2017 img
Ethernet Switch
On Sale


img The HSW-08 ethernet switch is on sale for $150 each regardless of quantity! This is an 8 port wide temperature range 100BaseT switch with multiple power options in a rugged metal box. Check out the specs here for your critical network installation.
10/3/2017 img


img Most electric utilities in the USA are using DCB supplied products in some portion of their teleprotection systems. Be it the AM-3440 IAD with our transfer-trip card or mirrored-bit communications, or the O-9400/O-9500 series for SONET through OC-48 and packet communications, DCB Makes It Work for both the largest power utilities and smaller rural co-operatives.

Click here for our high speed products, and here for our critical infrastructure security product lineup.

9/18/2017 img
Sept 25-28


img Join us at the ASIS-2017! Our products are often used to protect critical infrastructure, government agencies, utilities, industry, and public safety radio systems. Visit with our design, sales, and customer support people while learning about our latest offerings for the security industry at booth 1641. Click here for ASIS-2017 information.
7/02/2017 img
DCB Products Enable ROIP Network


img Our long-time partner, Phase 4 Design (, received nation-wide commendation recently when one of their projects was highlighted in MissionCritical Communications Magazine. Phase 4 Design is a leading-edge provider of services to the radio communications and telephony markets, offering sales, support, exclusive software products, and ROIP training and design expertise.

Their cutting edge state-wide communications system for Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife provides an economical, reliable ROIP dispatch solution covering regional offices and more than 150 field officers patrolling some of the most rugged, isolated geography in the United States.

Phase 4's principal enginer, Dave Grant, designed the network using DCB's UT encrypted tunnels in a network that links 22 Telex control stations with remote repeaters in a way that allows multiple frequency scanning and multiple repeater sites in a challenging environment.

Using DCB encrypted tunnels that securely transport all ethernet traffic types, he can later add a SIP-based VOIP telephone system on the same data path allowing tactical phone integration throughout their network, external connections, and even remote satellite connections. Read about the project at their web site here.

UT encrypted tunnels enable many wide-area ROIP and VOIP installations around the world. For UT encrypted tunnel information, click here.

5/15/2017 img
DCB Products are Immune to WannaCry


img A few people have asked since DCB products are used in a large number of Critical infrastructure networks. Critical infrastructure agencies and companies are a large part of DCB's customer base and we take their needs seriously. DCB manufactured products do not run Microsoft Windows, and are immune to the WannaCry and similar virus infections.
5/8/2017 img
Join us at UTC Telecom


img Join us at UTC Telecom 2017. Join us May 8-12 at UTC Telecom 2017 in Charlotte, NC! The UTC Annual Conference is your opportunity to join thousands of information and communications technology (ICT) professionals and technology partners for education-packed days and great-networking nights! Each day is filled with opportunities to learn from global experts who aren’t just talking about modernizing utilities – they’re putting it to work.

We'll have a full compliment of experts drawn from our US offices as well as Loop Telecom at booth 808 with the latest equipment to demonstrate and engineers to answer questions.

Be sure to join us for the Vendor-Member Band concert/dance at the Awards Banquet. We're proud of the member and vendor musicians that are performing, and everyone is welcome to jump up on stage and play along.

4/12/2017 img
Join us at ENTELEC


img Join us at ENTELEC 2017. The Energy Telecommunications and Electrical Associan conference & Expo is in Houston, Tx this year. ENTELEC is a user association focusing on communications and control technologies used by petroleum, natural gas, pipeline and electric utility companies. ENTELEC's primary goal is to provide education for its members. Join us April 25-27, we'll be on the Expo floor at booth 612. As usual, we'll be there with equipment to show and engineers to answer questions.
4/1/2017 img
Join us in Bismarck at UTC


img Join us at the UTC Region 5 Conference. Basin Electric Power Cooperative is hosting the 36th annual combined Microwave Interconnected Companies / Microwave Users Group Utilities Telecom Council Region 5 Conference. The conference begins Wednesday morning, April 19, 2017 at the Best Western Ramkota Hotel in Bismarck, ND. As usual, we'll be there with equipment to show and engineers to answer questions.
3/1/2017 img
CXR and DCB Partnership


img DCB announces a new sales and support partnership with CXR. CXR, a manufacturer of networking and communication equipment headquartered in Europe and DCB have entered in a partnership agreement to promote and support CXR Ethernet networking and extension solutions in the USA and Canada. Click here to read the details.
2/6/2017 img
Encrypted WAN Redundancy


img New Applications Note: Redundancy Techniques Using DCB Tunnel Devices and Software. Users have come to rely on DCB tunnel products to implement secure networks for mission critical applications in which downtime must be kept to a minimum. Thus it is not unusual for customers to ask questions about techniques that may be applied to make the tunnel network more robust. This document describes some of those techniques with examples. Click here to download a copy.
1/31/2017 img
Join Us at Distributech


img Join DCB engineers and sales reprentatives at Distributech 2017 in San Diego January 31 through Feb 2. We're at booth 1324 and are highlighting our SCADA backhaul equipment, network convergence, leased line replacement, and encryption, products. Ask the hard questions because DCB Makes It Work For You! Click here for details
12/27/2016 img
Conitel & Vancomm on Modern Networks


img The latest additions to our family of SCADA modernization products is now shipping . The new SMD-VC multi-drop, multi-protocol serial multiplexer allows the transport of Vancomm, Conitel, DNP-3, Modbus, and other serial SCADA protocols over byte-oriented networks. Built upon our SMD multiplexer and Conitel Asynchronous Adapter, the SMD-VC allows new packet-switched and byte oriented transport SCADA wide area networks to accomodate legacy Vancomm and Conitel protocols while transitioning to newer protocols. Click here for details
11/11/2016 img
New ethernet encrypters


img The latest additions to our family of enthernet encryped tunnel appliances are now shipping . The new models, the XT-3306, XT-6606, and XT-6632 offer economical performance from 15 Mbps up through 789 Mbps. All are compatible with our UT and ET encrypters and compliment the price/performance lineup. Click here for details
6/29/2016 img
New 2-wire Multi-drop 9600 bps V.29 Modem


img We are now shipping the latest version of our LL9.6FP V.29 multidrop modem. This new model operates on both 4-wire and 2-wire circuits (either dry wire or telco circuits), and with both synchronous or asychronous data. It's ideal for distributed operations such as railroad, pipeline, and utility communications. This is the latest model in our LL series, with its DSP design roots going all the way back to 1998, we know modems! Click here for details
3/9/2016 img
Windows 10 Update


img DCB hardware products are compatible with all PC operating systems. However, our workstation software products (UT-Soft, FT-Soft, MAPxx ) are dependent upon the workstation operating system. These have now been certified to operate on the newly released Windows 10. You may contact our support staff to obtain information about availibility or a copy of the latest firmware for your products using the contact form, the telephone, email, or your normal contact method. Click here for details about the latest firmware versions

We have been providing data communications solutions for over 30 years. Here's some of our recent history in the form of announcements.

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