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RTS Distributors Simplifies Medical Office Connections
with DCB Equipment

A large Supplier of Medical Data Systems in Georgia keeps it simple - With the help of RTS Distributors, a DCB equipment distributor in Norcross, Georgia.

Throughout Georgia (and the US), doctors are working to reduce their administrative overhead. They are combining practices or selling the practices to large hospital groups. Insurance, government paperwork, rules and restrictions are making it difficult for the small general practitioner to survive. Just the paperwork details are becoming a significant specialty, and the small offices can't keep up on all the details. The doctors want to "keep it simple" and concentrate on their professions, not the administrative details.

The "Keep it Simple" philosophy continues into the medical groups WAN systems design also. While many offices are being converted to LAN based systems, one medical data systems group in Georgia came to John Fields of RTS looking for a "Keep it Simple" solution. RTS sells a wide variety of data communications system equipment. For this application, RTS recommended the use of DCB SR multiplexers, which operate over private modem or DDS lines, fractional T1, ISDN dial up, and frame relay instead of routers and remote LANs. Most of the SR multiplexer installations are local, using ISDN and the "One Touch Dial" feature of the DCB SR multiplexers.

RTS listened to the issues at the remote offices, where technical help is focused on medical technology, not data communications. He recommended a system that provides the required performance and the simplicity needed to keep things running with low maintenance overhead.

John continues the story as follows in his own words:

Most of these applications are local and ISDN is the logical answer. For those that cross LATA boundaries, we usually go frame relay. In some remote applications, we are using dial up, and also leased line modems.

RTS does all of the circuit design, sells the data lines through Bell South and AT&T, specifies the communications equipment, installs the equipment, and maintains it.

We bill the VAR, who [adds it to the total system] and bills the customer. The customer has one point of contact for everything associated with the system. RTS knows how to get things done at the phone company without the customer having to become involved. We can bill the customer directly for our part, but normally bill the VAR.

RTS will put our arms around any part of the system that has to do with data transport. We are the "Data Plumbers". We work with VARs that are interested in the PC equipment and software part of the project. As we are only interested in the data plumbing part of the project, so we pose no threat to the VAR. Guess you could call us sub contractors to the VAR.

When we do get opportunities from end users, we partner with a good VAR to handle the non-data portion.

If you want to ask John Fields personally about this and any similar application, you can contact John at 1-770-449-0411, or email him at this email address: The address of their web site is .

For details on the SR multiplexers or One-Touch Dial, click here.

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