North Lab Facility Partners with DCB

It's natural for DCB and NLF to join forces in providing the best of equipment and services to our common customers.

North Lab LLC, commonly known as The North Lab Facility, is an well known provider of services to the telecommunications industry and government markets. Under the leadership of Tracy Hatcher, NLF has grown to be the preferred telecom engineering and service company for many customers using high speed telecom products.

Best known as DCB Inc., Data Comm for Business has been manufacturing and supplying innovative data communications equipment to businesses nationwide since 1981. We're a leader in the design of high-performance equipment including high speed access devices, FRADS, ethernet gateways, multiplexers, modems, DSUs, wireless and other data communications equipment. DCB is also the longest continuous active partner of Loop Telecom International.

NLF's expertise includes DS1, DS3, and SONET engineering and testing, in-lab and on-site solutions testing, site installations, rack & stack, acceptance testing of new installations, as well as legacy system integration.

NLF has estensive experience with products from Coastcom (D/I Mux III), Haliplex (HPX-800, HPX-1600), Loop Telecom (V4200, AM3440, IP6700, W8110, O9400, O9500), as well as equipment from other name brand manufacturers.

Their experience in the design and configuration of network management software using Castle Rock SNMPc can save many hours bringing up your extensive network operations center or the small network management system.

The NLF can refurbish and re-certify your D/I Mux III chassis and perform ADNX to D/I Mux III upgrades. Creation of other detailed site-specific interfacing solutions such as custom cable manufacturing and interface panel fabrication are common projects.

The NLF facililty in Crestview, Florida also contains a miniature/Micro-mineature soldering rework facility.

Contact us for information about replacing, repairing, or additions to your no longer available telecommunications equipment. 1-800-432-2638

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