T-1 Tapping Bridge Box

Monitor the dialogue between T1 networks

  • Supports up to two E1 or T1 lines
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with all common T1/E1 interfaces
  • Ideal for small scale CALEA T-1 connections

The T1-Tap E1/T1 Tapping Bridge Box provides users an economical solution to monitor the dialogue between T1 or E1 networks. Through the small tapping bridge box, users can gain the complete data, transmitted between E1/T1 network devices, very easily without upsetting the impedance of the line. Each Tapping Bridge Box can support users to monitor up to two E1/T1 network devices (see the applications diagram for details).

Since this is a passive device, there is some signal loss on the pass-through T1 and the tapped signal level is lower as shown in the specifications. Most monitoring and tapping applications should use our active T1 monitor tap, the T-Monitor, which has active DSX interface drivers and no insertion losses in the lines. See it's data sheet here.


Physical / Electrical