Loop-V 4200-9
MuxMaster/ Wideband IAD
CSU/DSU, E1/T1 Converter, & DACS


The truly Integrated Access Device can support, control, and multiplex a wide variety of devices.

img 9 hot plug-in capable slots
img NEBS Certified
img Available plug-in types:
img T1, E1 interface cards
img V.35, EIA530, RS232, X.21 interface cards
img QFXS, QFXO, PLAR, E&M interface cards
img MDSL interface card
img T1/ E1 ATM Frame Relay interface cards
img Router interface card with Subnet management (SNMC)
img OCU DP interface card
  img SNMP module
img Usable as a CSU/DSU, E1 to T1 converter, multiple CSUs, or a DACS.
img Full TSI capability among all slots in main unit.
img Remote diagnostic capabilities.
img 2-line by 40-character LCD display for maintenance, performance monitoring, and administration.
img Management through Console port, Ethernet port, and SNMP agents.
img Inband Subnet Management facility for remote management through national networks. 
img LED indicators for power, test, alarm, and each of 9 ports.
img Field changeable AC power supply, or dual feed dual DC power supply. 
img Software field upgradeable through download.
img Optional GUI NMS with LoopView.

The Loop-V 4200-9 is a versatile 9-port device. Depending on the plug-in cards selected, this unit can be configured (a) as a CSU/DSU with drop and insert and voice capabilities, (b) as a 4 E1 to 5 T1 converter or fractions of them, (c) as a digital cross-connect system (DACS), (d) as sets of ICSU combined in one box, and (e) as a channel bank. As a CSU/DSU, data from the V.35 or X.21 port can occupy any fraction of an E1 or T1 port. As an E1 to T1 converter, A to img law and signaling conversions are correctly handled. For both E1 and T1 ports, continuous error checking, performance polling, and in-service diagnostics are provided. In any of the above combinations, full time slot interchange (TSI) among the ports are possible, making the Loop-V 4200-9 a small DACS (digital access cross-connect system). The ports can further be used in pairs as ICSUs (intelligent CSU) at lower cost and smaller space than individual ICSUs. Lastly, the Loop-V 4200 can be configured as a channel bank. The Loop-V 4200 is NEBS certified.

The Loop-V 4200-9 supports local control and diagnostics by using a 2-line by 40-character LCD display and keypads on the front panel, or by using a VT-100 terminal connected to the console port. The Loop-V 4200-9 also supports Ethernet, Telnet, and SNMP, so it can be controlled and diagnosed from remote locations. The Loop-V 4200-9 also supports inband Management, where management data is carried the same way as user data, traversing national networks.

In addition to the LCD display, 12 multicolor LEDs provide status indication for power, test condition, alarm, and each of the 9 ports. Internal firmware is stored in flash memory so that future software upgrades can be downloaded. 

Ordering Information

To specify options, choose from list below:




Main Unit

Loop-V 4200-9

Main unit w/ CPU and DCS, w/o power

Basic Chassis Manual

Low Speed Module (Select 1 to 9 cards.)
Loop-V 4200-T1 T1 interface card Manual  
Loop-V 4200-E1 E1 interface card Manual  
Loop-V 4200-V35 V.35/DB25 interface card Manual
Loop-V 4200-E530 EIA530 interface card  
Loop-V 4200-RS232 RS232 interface card  
Loop-V 4200-X21 X.21 interface card  
Loop-V 4200-QFXS Quad FXS voice card
(For AC, -48Vdc power supply only.)
Loop-V 4200-QFXO Quad FXO voice card  
Loop-V 4200-PLAR PLAR voice card  
Loop-V 4200-Q2EM-m-Tn

Quad 2 Wire E&M voice card
(For AC, -48Vdc power supply only.)

Where m
= B for normal E&M, or TO
= A for tandem operation
Where n
= 1 to 5 of E&M Signaling Type
= O for TO
Loop-V 4200-Q4EM-m-Tn

Quad 4 Wire E&M voice card
(For AC, -48Vdc power supply only.)

Loop-V 4200-MDSL Multi-rate SDSL  
Loop-V 4200-AFRT T1 Frame Relay to ATM inter-working or
Frame Relay to Frame Relay concentration
Loop-V 4200-AFRE E1 Frame Relay to ATM inter-working or
Frame Relay to Frame Relay concentration
Loop-V 4200-RT Dual LAN port (10 & 10/100 BaseT) Router card, w/ Subnet management (SNMC)  
Loop-V 4200-ODP OCU DP interface card  
Loop-V 4200-SNMP SNMP module Optional
Power Module
Loop-V 4200-SA
Loop-V 4200-SD24
Loop-V 4200-SD48
Loop-V 4200-DD24
Loop-V 4200-DD48
Single AC supply
Single DC supply (24 Vdc)
Single DC supply (48 Vdc)
Dual feed dual DC supply (24 Vdc)
Dual feed dual DC supply (48 Vdc)
Select one.
Loop-V 4200-TT24
Loop-V 4200-TT48
Temporary 24 Vdc power supply
Temporary 48 Vdc power supply
For Power Supply replacement


For example:
Loop-V 4200-9 1 each
Loop-V 4200-T1 4 each
Loop-V 4200-E1 5 each
Loop-V 4200-SA 1 each
For model 4200 with 4T1 cards, 5 E1 cards and single AC power, no SNMP.

Loop-V 4200-9 MuxMaster/ Wideband IAD Product Specification
Time Slot Interchange
Less than 400 ms delay
One active map, one user stored map
Voice Channel Conversion
A-law to img law  G.711
CAS Signaling  Transparent, (A=0 from E1 becomes A=0 to T1, etc.)
Electrical Power
Field changable 30W 24Vdc or 30W 48Vdc power supply module
DC : 24Vdc, 3A Max
.......48 Vdc, 1.6A Max
AC: 90 to 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 2A Max.

Dimensions 43 x 4.4 x 33 cm, 17" x 1.75" x 13" (WxHxD)
Temperature range  0 - 50¢X C
Humidity  0 - 95% RH (non-condensing)
Mounting  Desk-top stackable, 19/23 inch rack mountable
Weight  7.7 lb., (3.5Kg) without plug-in cards
Performance Monitor
Performance Store  The last 24 hours performance in 15-minute intervals
Monitor Registers  Line, user
Performance Reports  Date & Time, Errored Second, Degraded Minutes, Unavailable Second, Bursty Errored Second, Severe Errored Second, Controlled Slip Second, and Loss of Frame Count
Alarm History  Date & Time, Alarm Type (i.e. Master Clock Loss, RAI, AIS, LOS, BPV, ES, CS)
Threshold  Bipolar Violation, Error Second, Unavailable Second, Controllered Slip Second
Network Management
Connector  DB9 at front panel
Electrical  RS232 interface 
Protocol  Menu driven VT-100 terminal
Ethernet Port (optional)
Connector  RJ45 in rear
Protocol  Telnet and Embedded SNMP
CISPR 22 Class A, EN55022 Class A, EN50081, EN50082, FCC Part 15, FCC Part 68, CS-03 Issue 8,
CE168X, NTR4, UL1950, CSA 22.2 No. 950, EN60950, NEBS Level 3: GR-1089-CORE, GR-63-CORE

Front Panel
Keypads 5 keys, ACO (alarm cut-off), left and right arrows, ESC, and ENTER
LCD 2 lines by 40 characters LCD display
LED 12 - one for each of 9 plug-in slots, power, test, and alarm
Bantam Jacks Network IN, OUT, and Monitor

Rear Panel
Power module slot, Ethernet slot, and 9 signal slots.

Applications Illustrations


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