202T Private Line Modem

Private Line FSK Analog Asynchronous Modem

  • Full duplex Bell 202t modem to 1200 bps
  • Asynchronous RS-232 modem for leased lines
  • 4-wire, full duplex or 2-wire, half-duplex private line application
  • 900 Hz soft carrier turn off
  • Anti-streaming
  • Standalone or rack mount
  • High stability transmit and receive frequency
  • Ruggedized for full industrial temperature range
  • Quiet multi-layer board
  • Often used over non-traditional audio paths
  • Fully compatible with other 202T's
  • New design, current production manufactured in the USA


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Physical and Electrical




The 202T modem operates at 0 to1200 bps asynchronous, with FSK modulation. It uses the latest DSP modem circuitry to insure excellent performance and future availability. It has 900 hz soft carrier turn off for multidrop and an anti-streaming option. 7.25" half card size, standalone and custom OEM board configurations are available. The pc card version uses the internal PC ISA bus only for power from the pc bus. The PC card fits into a 20 slot rack mount chassis that is only 7" high. The phone line connector is an RJ-11 for 4-wire leased line operation or 2-wire half duplex leased line operation. Transmit is on positions 2 and 3, receive 1 and 4 of the 4 position RJ-11connector for 4-wire, on positions 2&3 for two wire. The modem has a push/push switch for local digital loop on or off. The loopback switch is located on the rear of the unit, next to the DB-25 terminal connector.

Modem Digital Interface
Controls and Indicators
Physical and Electrical
1 Reset Off Toggle Up/Down
2 Anti-streaming Off On
3 RTS/CTS delay 12 ms 20 ms
4 RTS control Forced on Controlled by Terminal
5 Soft Carrier Turnoff Off On
6 Reserved - -
7 Transmit Level -16 dB 0 dB
8 Loopback Loopback Active Loopback Off

Standalone rack fixture - 18.95" x 7" (4U)
Single Unit Rack Mounts (1U)

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202T-SA 202T Modem - Standalone w/ 110VAC wall mount supply $ 555 Qty:
202T-12VDC 202T Modem - Standalone w/ 9-18 VDC input internal power supply option $ 630 Qty:
202T-24VDC 202T Modem - Standalone w/ 18-36 VDC input internal power supply option $ 630 Qty:
202T-48VDC 202T Modem - Standalone w/ 36-72 VDC input internal power supply option $ 630 Qty:
202T-125VDC 125 VDC input external power supply for use with 202T-SA $ 125 Qty:
202T-R 202T Modem - Rackmount $ 445 Qty:
DCBL1 20 Slot Rack w/ power supply $ 1680 Qty:
9902096 19" Rack Bezel 1 unit wide $ 30 Qty:
9902095 19" Rack Shelf 3 units wide $ 75 Qty:

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